Why Should You Start Walking Group

“It is wonderful for a person to walk regularly. When a Walking Club is formed, then the community becomes involved, which is even better. Walking in the neighborhood shows others that the community is a safe place to walk and invites others to join.”

Deborah Rohm Young, PhD University of Maryland School of Public Health

Why Walking?

Walking is good for our health, and our health is our most valuable resource in life. Our health gives us energy, drive, and motivation to dream, do, execute, and accomplish. Without our health, all the money in the world is worthless, and all our dreams are doomed.
This is why medicals and professionals from all around the world, constantly implore us to take care of our health by eating right and practicing regular physical activity.

According to specialists, you should get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise a week. Because walking is possible for most people and doesn’t require special skills or equipment, it has become the most popular form of physical activity in many different countries around the globe.

Walking is a safe activity that limits injury and improves your overall physical and mental well-being. “Walking can be as good as a workout, if not better than running” says Dr. Matt Tanneberg, CSCS, a sports Chiropractor and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in Phoenix, Arizona, who works with elite athletes.

What Is a Walking Group?

Walking groups are a fantastic platform for people who seek to get in shape or adjust to a more health-centric lifestyle to achieve their daily cardio, due to the social element associated with walking groups. Walking groups gather people with mutual interests and a desire to walk in a particular time and location to have shared walking training. Walking groups are usually lead and managed by a fitness professional whose job is to lead, motivate, and professionally train the people by adjusting the intensity and kind of training to better fit each person’s physical ability.

The main advantages of walking groups are the training diversity and social relationships, which helps people make the workout a lot of fun and enhance commitment to the training within the group. When you are part of a walking group, there is a higher chance you will stick with your health and fitness goal because of the group’s social support and encouragement. Think about it. When you work out by yourself, nobody will ask you if you are coming for today’s training, and nobody will encourage you to go if you say you don’t feel like it. Most of the time, the walking groups are local and made up of the neighborhood people. Thus, walking groups can provide the opportunity to meet new people that live nearby and subsequently create relationships. And what is more enjoyable than to exercise with friends?

Why Should You Start One?

Starting a walking group could provide a source of extra income or serve as your main business interest. If you are a regular walker or just love to walk and be around people, the walking group might be the perfect solution for you.  You are already familiar with the health and social benefits of a walking group but why should you start one?

First, it is elementary to operate, and it is not time-consuming. You can run a walking-group for fun during the times that you typically decide to go for walks by yourself, you can have it as a part-time job and walk a few times a week, or you can do it as your full-time job and start a profitable business out of it.

The recent increase in health and wellness awareness has caused many to search for ways to incorporate healthy habits such as regular exercise into their daily routine. Because walking is easy and effective, and walking groups are fun, there is a high demand for local walking- groups. It is cheap to participate and does not require any driving or a search for parking. It is social and makes you feel good. So it is not surprising that the walking groups are the next big thing in the fitness industry!

How Can WEWALK Help You Do It?

WEWALK’s experts have built a thorough education and training program, you can use as the basis for starting your own walking group. WEWALK also has a program for franchisees that covers the administrative side of managing a walking group. Moreover, WEWALK has its program for franchisees that teaches how to manage the group from an administrative perspective. It covers sales, physical and digital marketing in all the different media, technology, how training should look, how to speak with potential clients, and what to say on the first phone call to convince prospective client to join a first trail workout at the group.

Turn Your Walking Group Into a Profitable Business

Think about this; if you have two different groups of 15 people each a day, you have trained 30 people in 2 hours. If you engage in the same amount of training each day for five days a week, you already have 150 people paying a monthly subscription. When having such a big community of people who already know you and have training experience with you, it is much easier to generate personal training out of it. The charge for personal training is, of course, different, and usually much higher, then group training. The combination of the two can result in a high paycheck at the end of the month. Want to calculate your possible profits from a walking group? Use the following link to see how much you can earn: https://wewalk.in/calc

Want to Elevate Your Business? Join a Franchise

Having a personal business is not always an easy thing. Once you turn your passion into a business, you suddenly have to take care of many things that have nothing to do with what you love or your field of expertise. You have to create a business plan and marketing strategy, and deal with pricing and accounting, client service and support, branding, promotions and many other issues that are essential for business success that you probably lack the experience of doing.

For that reason, it is commonplace in other industries, to become a part of franchising. Franchising will give you the whole package you need to succeed and help you transition into running a profitable business. When you become part of franchising, you don’t have to worry about branding, marketing, finance, or constructing a business plan; we already have done it for you! When you are part of franchising, you can enjoy the vast experience and knowledge of professionals and focus only on what you love to do – train people.

How Much Does It Costs?

To become part of the WEWALK family, you must first pass our online certification course and become a professional certified walking trainer. The course’s price is only 199$, and there is a 7-day money-back guarantee for any reason! After you successfully finish the course and have your diploma, you can start your own walking group business. For those of you who would like to elevate their business and join our franchising, we offer several packages, depending on your needs and wants. Want to start the course and check it out for yourself? Click here and buy it directly from our website

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